We’ve done a lot of insecticide evaluation in the last two weeks, and the common theme is that the best treatments are still providing good control. Our go to treatments of Bidrin (6-8 oz), Acephate/Orthene (0.75 lb), Transform (1.5 oz) are top performers, providing 75 percent to 80 percent control. 

Other top performers are Acephate or Bidrin tank-mixed with a pyrethroid insecticide. I lean toward these mixes as we progress into the bollworm window. Diamond also has added some consistent improvement in plant bug control when mixed with just about anything. Of course, tank-mixing any decent plant bug insecticide with another should improve control, but putting the unique mode of action of Diamond to use makes sense in our high pressure areas.

Bad treatments still stink. Do not use a pyrethroid insecticide applied alone for control of tarnished plant bug. By themselves, these products are providing less than 30 percent control after two applications. Imidacloprid products such as Admire Pro or imidacloprid + pyrethroid pre-mixes (e.g., Brigadier) are not providing acceptable control of tarnished plant bugs. I’ve also seen a slip with Endigo over the last two years, although control with this product is still acceptable.

Our pyrethroid resistance is now so complete that pre-mixes that include a pyrethroid have lost some of their punch. Avoid the neonic/pyrethroid pre-mixes during peak bloom when plant bugs are the primary pest. This includes Leverage, Endigo and Brigadier which I think will have a better fit at the tail end when bollworm and stink bugs become a greater concern.