The American Soybean Association (ASA) has joined a coalition of 13 ag groups in submitting comments to the Federal Communications Commission regarding the pending application by LightSquared to build a new terrestrial and satellite wireless network.

The FCC is accepting comments concerning a GPS interference report recently submitted to them, as well as LightSquared’s revised roll-out plan.

"While our members support the development of wireless broadband services in rural America, we are deeply concerned that LightSquared’s proposed network will cause unacceptable interference to signals from the Global Positioning System (GPS)," the comments state.

"If the reliable availability of GPS technology were lost, our members would incur higher costs due to loss of productivity in labor, and less efficient use of inputs like fertilizer, irrigation and pesticides.

“The resulting higher costs and lower outputs would inevitably result in higher consumer prices and a reduction in environmental benefits, both of which would have impacts well-beyond agriculture…we urge the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) not to permit LightSquared to proceed with its wireless network until it can be clearly demonstrated that no interference to GPS applications will occur. There has been no such demonstration to date."

Read the full text of the ag coalition’s comments.