Georgia Farm Bureau is kicking off its 6th Annual Harvest for All Campaign to help feed Georgians in need.

A USDA study released late last year showed that 14.2 percent of Georgia households were food insecure and 5.4 percent had very low food security in 2008.

This year, the campaign is going to be conducted differently so that donations can have the most impact possible. Instead of collecting staple food items, GFB will collect money that will be used to buy peanut butter grown and processed in Georgia. GFB will distribute the peanut butter to a network of eight regional food banks across the state that distribute food to more than 800 non-profit agencies throughout Georgia.

"Peanut butter is a popular item for food banks because of its nutritional value, its popularity with kids and its long shelf life," said GFB President Zippy Duvall. "Many food banks distribute peanut butter through programs aimed at children living in households that need food."

If you or your county would like to participate, one case (12 jars) of peanut butter costs $10. To put this in perspective, 165 cases make a pallet and 3,960 cases fill a truck. One-eighth of a pallet (20 cases\240 jars) costs $200. 

Donation forms are available at your county Farm Bureau office and should be returned to the GFB Field Services Department by Oct. 29. Contact your county Farm Bureau office if you would like to make a donation.