Early room reservations for the 2012 Beltwide Cotton Conferences now can be made through Oct. 31 — as a special benefit for National Cotton Council and Cotton Foundation members only.

The forum is set for Jan. 3-6 at the Orlando World Center Marriott.

Conference information, including instructions for early housing and registration, is available at www.cotton.org/beltwide. A printed brochure will be mailed soon to all previous Beltwide attendees.

Key agronomic, pest management, economic and policy reports are being planned for the Cotton Production Conference.

Among key issues to be addressed are herbicide resistance prevention/management, various insect pest concerns ranging from plant bug pressure to secondary insect pest problems, and managing cotton with the changing arsenal of plant protection products.

Even greater interaction and information sharing between producer speakers, panelists and attendees on these and other topics is being planned in the workshops. Attendees can discuss management strategies with producers and university experts from across the Cotton Belt.

They also will be able to hear updates on new chemistries, plant varieties, equipment and emerging technologies from industry representatives.