The possible loss of Temik for the 2011 cropping season has thrown a proverbial wrench into crop planning for cotton and peanut growers in the upper Southeast.

Growers have been aware for some time that Temik will no longer be available after the 2014 season. While many growers have long-term plans in place to change rotation strategies to help compensate for the loss of the popular nematicide/insecticide, few see many short-term options.

Bayer CropScience, maker of Temik 15G, is trying to put a revamped production facility in West Virginia back on line. The basic ingredients for Temik are made at this facility.

Residents in the area around the plant have filed a lawsuit to keep the production facility closed based upon their concern for their own safety. 

A temporary restraining order affecting the production of a key intermediate used in the production of Sevin brand carbaryl and Temik brand aldicarb insecticides has been extended until March 28, to allow the court more time to consider its decision.

There is also some question as to whether distributors will be able to sell the product and at what cost.  Most growers contend the extra $1 to $1.25 a pound will not be a significant issue, compared to the risk involved in planting cotton or peanuts without Temik.

If Temik is available for the 2011 crop season, do not expect to find the ‘corn cob’ formulations. Apparently, the gypsum formulation is easier to manufacture and will be first out of production, if production continues.