Research, innovation and education — you’ll hear these three words repeated time and again when describing what a visitor will find at the Sunbelt Ag Expo Field Day. 

Scheduled for Thursday, July 12 at Spence Field in Moultrie, Ga., site of the Sunbelt Expo, Field Day is an annual preview for the big show held in October and it’s an opportunity for farmers to see the latest seed varieties, chemical applications, irrigation technology and precision ag technology — all in an applied research setting.

UGA Extension agents are partnering with the Sunbelt Expo to continue research and development of cucurbit (cantaloupe and watermelon) and cotton, grown in an intercropping management approach. Intercropping is the cultivation of two or more crops simultaneously on the same field. It also means the growing of two or more crops on the same field with the planting of the second crop after the first one has completed its development.

The rationale behind intercropping is that the different crops planted are unlikely to share the same insect pests and disease-causing pathogens and to conserve the soil.

Ag Technologies LLC and Trimble continue to be at the forefront of precision agriculture. In the fields will be a demonstration of The GreenSeeker RT200, an on-the-go plant sensor system that determines the health of a plant in real time and delivers the optimum amount of nitrogen or plant growth regulator to improve yields. 

The GreenSeeker RT200 allows on-the-go zone management of top/side dress nitrogen. It “talks” to the plant instead of the soil… effectively giving the plant a physical.

It verifies the amount of the nitrogen the soil has made available in season, then writes a nitrogen prescription for the sprayer to deliver. This helps eliminate costly excess application. The RT200 can deliver improved yield, lower nitrogen cost and increase profits!

Irrigation technology is a key factor in the success of many farming operations, especially in drought prone areas. As with most innovations in farming, the bottom line in determining whether or not to adopt is cost, and subsurface drip irrigation has proven no different. 

As irrigated acres continue to increase in the Southeast, growers are looking for the most efficient method, and they want to know how the cost of drip irrigation compares to the tried-and-true center pivot system.

Answering this question at Field Day will be BB Hobbs, a leader in the irrigation, waste water, and fertigation industries. The company specializes in large automated irrigation systems with a major emphasis on drip irrigation and solid set irrigation.