The National Peanut Board (NPB) has scheduled its quarterly board and committee meetings to be held in Portland, Ore., Aug., 17-19, 2011.

This represents a venue change from the previously planned Atlanta location. 

In addition to its quarterly meeting and FY12 Program of Work and Budget Setting Workshop, the board will meet with several agricultural entities and partners including the Pear Bureau Northwest, a similar non-profit marketing organization that promotes, advertises and develops markets for pears grown in Oregon and Washington. 

“We are pleased to welcome the National Peanut Board to the heart of America’s pear country,” said Pear Bureau Northwest president and CEO Kevin Moffitt. 

“We look forward to sharing information and ideas with fellow agricultural industry members.” 

The board will tour successful, differentiated crop production areas, to learn how other commodities and other crop producers and manufacturers are expanding their reach in the marketplace and creating unique opportunities for producers.  

“Seeking educational opportunities beyond those to which we are normally exposed is critical to ensuring we are doing the best job possible for our growers,” said George Jeffcoat, NPB Chairman.

“We have enjoyed a great partnership with USA Pears in the past and seek to expand our partnership opportunities. This will provide our board with a first hand look at how producers of other commodities manage their farming operations and how their grower-funded check-off programs are maximizing results for their grower investors,” he added.

In the past few years NPB has partnered with USA Pears on several initiatives including A Pair with a Flair color food page featuring peanuts and pears.

To accommodate the change in venue with minimal impact on our budget for Board meetings, NPB negotiated an excellent package for the hotel and meeting room space. This will keep these costs at the same level as holding a board meeting in Atlanta.