The Georgia Peanut Commission (GPC) board of directors concluded the commission’s 50th anniversary by holding the official ribbon cutting ceremony and open house at the new headquarters in Tifton, Ga., on July 31.

The new headquarters is located off Interstate 75 in Tifton at exit 63B. 

“We are proud of the new energy efficient headquarters and the opportunities that exist to promote peanuts to millions of consumers traveling through Georgia,” said Donald Chase, GPC Building Committee chairman and peanut farmer from Oglethorpe, Ga.

“The principles of forward thinking in the design of the new headquarters is a testament to the forward thinking of farmers in the peanut industry here in Georgia.” 

The new headquarters, designed by Cadmus Design-Build, will be the first net-zero energy building for state government in Georgia. Cadmus Design-Build provides Architectural Design and Construction Management in the Master Builder tradition towards net-zero energy, environmental sustainability and economic feasibility goals.

These high performance standards are met through a holistic approach to energy and water efficiency, conservation, environmental impacts and waste management as part of design, development, construction and ongoing building maintenance and operations.

The new headquarters was designed and built to meet criteria for LEED Certification at a Platinum Level with a combination of systems which provide synergies that result in enhanced performance overall.

The site selection, development, building placement, design, engineering and orientation all contribute to low-impact and high performance results. 

Beyond building to LEED Certification standards, the new headquarters has fully integrated alternative/ renewable energy systems that enhance performance capabilities towards the Near and Net-Zero Energy goals.