What should be the ultimate goal of peanut producers in 2012? Attaining an adequate stand and, at all cost, preventing a replant situation.

“Adequate final plant stand is the ultimate goal, not maximized final plant stand,” says Scott Tubbs, University of Georgia cropping systems agronomist.

“You absolutely want to avoid replanting at all cost. This will be even more critical this year with very high seed prices.”

Peanut seed costs will definitely be higher this year, he says, and anyone who is using costs from last year in their budgeting process will be sorely mistaken.

Maximizing yield and grade, along with minimizing input costs, should be the aim of every grower, says Tubbs.

“If you’re increasing your input costs and gaining just a marginal yield gain, it obviously won’t be a benefit to you. It’s helpful to keep this in perspective.

Potential strategies for growers this year should include factors such as seeding rate, row pattern, planting conditions and seed quality, he says.

“A majority of growers will be planting Georgia-06G this year. There are approximately 650 seed per pound for a Georgia-06G peanut.

“If we were to plant at a seeding rate of five seed per foot, we’d be planting 112 pounds per acre. At six seed per foot, we’re planting 134 pounds per acre, or possibly 140 to 145 pounds per acre. At seven seed per foot, you’d be planting 156 pounds per acre,” he says.