A post-weaning management option is to keep calves at home and pre-condition them.

Pre-conditioning is usually a 45 day period immediately following weaning. It insures that calves are broke to consume feed from a bunk, water from a trough and that vaccinations are now providing active immunity.

Though it requires more facilities, labor and feed, pre-conditioned calves are in high demand. Numerous research and Extension trials have demonstrated that calf growth is very efficient during this 45 day period and returns are far above costs.

September herd management tips

Spring calving herds (January-March)


• Finalize plans for marketing of the calf crop. Coordinate and time weaning, vaccination programs, and weaning-time management in concert with marketing plans. Calculate break-evens on various marketing options and consider risk management strategies.

• Schedule and conduct pregnancy diagnosis with veterinarian 45-60 days following breeding season. Plan a marketing strategy for open cows.