The Expo beef presentations have been successful each year for many years due to the strong support provided by Extension animal scientists from the states of Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennessee and South Carolina.

Both individual farms and breed associations will be represented in the beef exhibits:

• Bagley Farms will be exhibiting cattle from the Braunvieh breed.

• Blackwater Cattle Company will have an exhibit on its Brangus seed stock herd.

• Deer Valley Farm will have an exhibit on its purebred Angus and Limousin cattle.

• Gibbs Farms will exhibit Simmental and Angus cattle.

• Kensington Cattle Company will have a display table promoting Angus cattle.

• Southern Cattle Company will have an exhibit on this ranch’s registered Angus and Charolais cattle.

• The Oaks Farms will have an exhibit featuring its cattle from the Brangus breed, along with information on the Genetrust alliance of beef producers dedicated to fostering superior Brangus beef genetics.

• The American Angus Association will have an exhibit touting the benefits of this popular beef breed.

• The American Belgian Blue Breeders Inc., will have an exhibit on this breed that was originally developed in Belgium as a dual purpose breed for both meat and milk production.

• The Georgia Hereford Association will exhibit a pen of Hereford beef cattle.

• The Georgia Simmental-Simbrah Association will have an exhibit.

• S.E.M.O. Romagnola Beef Connection will have a live cattle display of Romagnola cattle.

• You can see RomAngus cattle in an exhibit by the Romagnola and RomAngus Cattle Association.

• The Southeast Brangus Breeders Association will also have an exhibit.

• The Southeast Tarentaise Associaton will exhibit a cow and calf from the Tarentaise beef breed that originated in the French Alps.

• The Southeastern Red Angus Association will also have an exhibit featuring this breed.

• United Braford Breeders will have an exhibit featuring Braford bulls and heifers.

Animal health companies, with their pharmaceuticals and biological products, will be well represented in the Expo beef exhibits. Some of these exhibiting companies will include Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Bayer Animal Health, Intervet/Schering Plough Animal Health, Lextron Animal Health and Pfizer Animal Health.

Allflex USA will exhibit its animal identification systems and syringes. Callicrate Banders will exhibit its animal health products, including a castration tool. Prima Tech USA will also exhibit animal health syringes along with paint products that can be used for marking livestock. Ritchey Livestock ID also specializes in ear tags and other items used in animal identification.

Accelerated Genetics will have an exhibit on dairy and beef progeny and genetics. 

Pennington Seed will have an exhibit featuring its many forage varieties for use in pastures and haymaking. 

Feeds and nutritional products will be exhibited by several companies. Westway Feed products will have an exhibit on its large supply of molasses feed products, feed mill blends and liquid supplements. The company also produces feed tubs, liquid feeds and dry minerals for cattle.

F-R-M Feeds/Flint River Mills will have an exhibit on its complete line of animal feed products. Ridley Block Operations will exhibit its block nutritional livestock supplements, including the Sweetlix and Crystalyx brands. Mix 30 by Agridyne will exhibit a high-energy liquid feed for cattle. Also, Novus International will exhibit its nutritional additives.

Also, the Georgia Cattlemen’s Association and the Georgia Beef Board will be on hand with information that promotes the beef industry in the state and the consumption of beef products.