The combination of these long-term proactive and responsible programs has made the United States a world leader in cattle health and well being as well as contributed to domestic and international food security.

Our programs recognize the importance of each animal in our care as well as the entire cattle herd. We also recognize the human element – a much more difficult challenge to successfully address as fewer people are raised on farms. Cultural and language differences add to that hurdle.

That’s why we’ve stepped up efforts to deliver education in multi-media options as well as hands-on training. We will continue to work to expand and improve this educational reach. 

Unfortunately, there are individuals and organizations attempting to spread misconceptions about animal care. They haven’t taken time to learn about the many initiatives and programs currently in place in the U.S. beef cattle industry to ensure animals are treated humanely.

Rather than intentionally misleading consumers, media and all stakeholders, which actually demonstrates a total lack of care about the animals in front of them, it would serve everyone well if they would take a few minutes to learn about our industry’s commitment to animal care.

NCBA members are passionately committed to providing the utmost care for our cattle and providing a safe, wholesome beef supply. We prove that each day. We will continue working to improve and address the human element in our diverse industry and never stop educating everyone handling and raising cattle.