Most livestock producers have stopped feeding hay as forages met grazing needs in most cases, reported Dorough.

According to Carol Gay, a producer reported by this time last year he harvested 200 bales of haylage, but he has not baled any this year due to extended cold temperatures.

Cattle sales remained good, stated Carol Gay.

Jack Tatum, ACES REA, confirmed pastures were really improving throughout Clay, Cleburne, Coosa, Lee, Randolph, Shelby, Talladega and Tallapoosa Counties.

Key said wheat pastures were in good condition at this time.

Todd said wheat harvest was about three to four weeks away.

Brenda Glover, ACES REA, said Greene, Hale, Marengo, Perry and Sumter counties received over an inch of rainfall, which helped pastures green-up and grow.

Additionally, Glover reported warmer temperatures were needed for grass to do well consistently, and cattle were in good condition.

Headley stated the wheat crop looked good, and grazing was good for this time of year.

Jones, Jr. said recent rainfall helped small grains and pastures, and weeds were causing problems in hayfields and pastures.

Pastures were slowly growing, stated Durr.