Last year TeeJet came out with new AI twin-turbo jet nozzles. The company representative gave him a set of the new nozzles. He used them all year and really liked the performance.

“These new nozzles give superior coverage because of the design that allows a single nozzle to spray out the front and the back. Plus, it’s air-injected so it cuts down on drift and at higher sprayer pressure breaks up the droplets to give better coverage.”

With an automated sprayer controller, like Hardy operates in his custom spray business, sprayer speed may range from 8 to 15 miles per hour. “It allows you to spray in windier conditions and has just worked great for our operation,” Hardy says.

“This year I knew the wheat crop was so good it would take really good penetration and coverage to get a herbicide through the straw. Glyphosate resistant pigweeds are a big problem in the Seven Springs area, so I wanted to get a pre-emergence herbicide in to take out as much pigweed and other early season weeds as possible.

“When Alan York first found glyphosate-resistant and subsequently pigweed with multiple herbicide-resistance, this is where he found the first ones,” Hardy says. “The problem has only gotten worse in the past few years, he adds.

“I talked to my Syngenta representative and he convinced me to use a herbicide to take out any small pigweed that came up through the wheat stubble. I knew I would have to bump up the pressure and use lots of water to get the burndown herbicide down at planting,” Hardy notes.

He decided to buy some of the new TeeJet nozzles for his SpraCoupe. After checking locally, he couldn’t find the nozzles, but Brian Mathis, the TeeJet representative he had worked with two years earlier came to the rescue. “He said, “I’ll find you some nozzles, and he did — all the way down in Marion, S.C.,” Hardy says.

Without the new nozzles, the North Carolina grower says he’s not sure whether he would have tried the Gramoxone application. “Pigweed is just so prolific and it’s so difficult to deal with them once they get more than a few inches tall, he says.

To deal with pigweed, he used Gramoxone for a burndown and Envive that includes Valor in the mix applied pre-emergence. Then he comes back with Prefix, which includes Reflex, Dual and glyphosate. Then he uses glyphosate and Harmony SG, if needed.