Iowa State University’s Extension's corn production team has completed a new publication. “Corn Growth and Development" (PMR 1009) replaces “How a Corn Plant Develops,” the previous Iowa State publication that served as the standard reference on corn growth and development for more than 40 years.

How a Corn Plant Develops,” written by Iowa State University agronomists of previous eras, established the basics still used today for staging and communicating about crop development. The late John Hanway, a well-known ISU agronomist, wrote the first version in 1966, which was followed by a rewrite in 1982 by Steven Ritchie, Hanway and Garren Benson.

“We knew from the very beginning that if we were going to remake this classic publication, we would need to contribute something new and fresh and have some very talented people on our team,” said Lori Abendroth, ISU associate corn agronomist. “Otherwise, there wouldn’t be a point to redo it because it already was very useful and popular.” Authors of “Corn Growth and Development” are Abendroth; Roger Elmore, ISU Extension corn specialist; Matthew Boyer, former ISU agronomy graduate student; and Stephanie Marlay, ISU agronomy specialist.

The 2011 publication provides an in-depth look at corn, from the moment the seed is planted all the way to maturity. It takes much of what is known about crop physiology and combines that with field agronomics to provide students, corn growers and agronomists the current and technical information they want and can use.