Virginia grower David Hula made big news with his 429 bushel per acre corn yield in 2011 and Missouri grower Kip Cullers made similar headlines by producing 161 bushels of soybeans.

Putting the two high profile grain growers together in the same room at the recent Commodity Classic held in Orlando, Fla., proved to be a real challenge — finding a room big enough to hold all the growers wanting to hear what Cullers and Hula had to say about growing high yielding crops.

Despite a large ballroom, the crowd quickly grew from standing room only to no standing room.

Cullers, Hula and Indiana grower Bob Little, who is also a past National Corn Grower Association yield winner, each gave brief over-views of their farming operation. Then, they opened the floor to questions from the over-flow crowd.

The first question was one Hula and Cullers get often in public appearances.

Are you guys in the farming business or the yield award winning business?

Hula said he spends the vast majority of his time growing and selling crops and very little time growing competition crops.

“I think most people would be surprised how little difference there is between how we grow all our crops versus how we grow our competition crops,” he said.

“Land rent costs are different from state to state, even farm to farm, but those costs aside on our irrigated corn, we spend around $600 per acre. The few extra things we do to our competition corn won’t push costs much higher than that, Hula added.