A bill to amend FIFRA and the Clean Water Act to clarify Congressional intent and eliminate the requirement for additional permits for applications approved under FIFRA has passed the House of Representatives and the Senate Agriculture Committee, but remains stalled due to multiple holds by Democratic Senators. 

This week, Senate Agriculture Committee Ranking Member Pat Roberts (R-Kan.) filed an amendment that would have attached the provisions of H.R. 872 to a pending bill on Chinese currency.

Though the amendment was ultimately not chosen by leadership to move forward, the proposal was an important effort to add H.R. 872 to legislation that could move forward, showing the seriousness with which agriculture leaders in Congress are taking the deadline.

Earlier in the week, House Agriculture Committee Chairman Frank Lucas (R-Okla.) also spoke out, urging a vote on H.R. 872 on the Senate floor.  

Despite the seemingly partisan nature of recent moves, H.R. 872 has achieved widespread bipartisan and bicameral support from Congressional leaders concerned about increasing regulation without environmental benefit and burdening government officials and farmers with new and complicated requirements in a time of tighter budgets.

It was approved in June by the Senate Agriculture Committee, without amendment and by a voice vote. It passed the House in March by a 292 to 130 vote. 

NAWG continues to work with agriculture coalition partners and members of Congress to determine a path forward for the legislation prior to the new requirements’ implementation. 
More about H.R. 872 is available online at www.wheatworld.org/environmentalregulation.