“The benefits from the Wetland Reserve Program are perhaps the broadest of any USDA conservation program — permanent conservation of habitat, continued private ownership and economic benefit from cattle ranching, and wetland restoration that revives lost habitats and retains and cleans water for the people of central and south Florida.”

Melissa L. Meeker, executive director, South Florida Water Management District

“The District appreciates the opportunity to work with public and private partners for the common goal of protecting and restoring the vast natural landscapes of the Northern Everglades.”

“The Wetland Reserve Program offers significant benefits to south Florida and the Northern Everglades such as improvements in water quality, expanded wetlands and connected natural areas that support a diverse array of wildlife.”

Eva Webb, Board of Supervisors, Palm Beach Soil and Water Conservation District

“Conservation Districts have been and are working with NRCS on various projects throughout the state. NRCS has worked in partnership and cooperatively with this state’s soil and water conservation districts on many meaningful projects, too numerous to name.

“They have offered much needed and valuable conservation programs, technical support, and information to Soil and Water Conservation Districts and local communities.

"NRCS programs such as EQIP and WRP are vitally important to Everglades restoration projects. These programs have helped farmers in the Everglades Agricultural Area implement important conservation practices as a part of their Best Management Practices Plans.

“Conservation practices are designed to help reduce nutrient runoff from our farms into the Everglades. To date, farmers have spent millions to comply with water quality standards and conservation practices.

“Without WRP and EQIP cost-share dollars, farmers might not otherwise be able to afford to implement some of these costly conservation practices. NRCS EQIP and WRP programs are vital to Everglades restoration.”