The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) granted LightSquared’s request to extend the comment period for the public notice inviting input regarding the results of government testing on potential interference and proposals addressing those results.

The Coalition to Save Our GPS, of which the NCC is a member, opposed the original request for a 30-day extension, but was amenable to a 10-day extension. The comment period was extended from March 1 until March 16; additional reply comments may be filed by March 30.

The FCC moved on Feb. 14 to block LightSquared’s planned nationwide wireless network because the National Telecommunications Information Administration concluded that there are not enough effective mitigation measures to eliminate interference with GPS systems. (see

The NCC has submitted comments to help ensure that the FCC proceeds with withdrawing its waiver modifying LightSquared’s license to prohibit them from building a ground-based wireless network that would interfere with our use of GPS.