Combining cutting-edge technology with blunt-force power, the world’s top equipment manufacturers will once again roll onto the Sunbelt Ag Expo grounds this year, showcasing their workhorse lines and introducing farmers to their latest advancements and what they can purchase now to get ready for next season and seasons to come.

“It’s amazing how agricultural equipment companies continue to up the ante on what we can now do with modern farm equipment,” says Michael Chafin, Sunbelt Ag Expo farm manager.

 “And we’re proud that they choose to come here to showcase this equipment and let Sunbelt become the place where many farmers see this technology for the first time.”

John Deere

The John Deere W235 Windrower, new for 2014, is a self-propelled windrower with more horsepower to handle tough field conditions and comes with a larger cab for operator comfort, Integrated AutoTrac and CommandCenter display for improved operational efficiency.

“We’ve designed the W235 to maximize the operator’s ease of use and productivity,” says Jeremy Unruh, product line manager for John Deere Ottumwa Works.

“The CommandCenter display provides fingertip access to all controls that are critical in optimizing machine operation and performance, and Integrated AutoTrac provides steering assistance that enables faster cutting speeds while maintaining accuracy.”

The W235 Windrowers comes in two configurations, a rotary and a draper. The rotary will be compatible with 994 and 995 heads and the draper will be compatible with the 600D head. It’s got a 6.8L Final Tier 4 engine, rated at 235 horsepower, which is an increase of 17.5 percent over the previous model.

John Deere 2510L Liquid Fertilizer Applicator is designed for more precise liquid fertilizer placement into the soil. It is offered in two models, vertical or side-fold, and three base widths of 30-, 40- and 60-ft., each with 18 different spacing and row combinations. A high-capacity, hydraulically driven pump delivers fertilizer to plants through knives or injectors. It comes with a GreenStar Rate Controller enabling full integration with the GreenStar display for field documentation, map-based prescriptions, and precision application.