New Holland has launched the latest generation CX8000 Elevation Super Conventional combines.

Including the world’s most powerful strawwalker combine (up to 490 hp), these combines deliver unmatched straw quality and the cleanest grain sample for large-scale farmers and custom harvesters.

“The CX range was launched in 2001, and today it is still the most powerful, highest capacity conventional combine in the world,” said New Holland Combine Marketing Manager Nigel Mackenzie. “The introduction of our award-winning Opti-Fan and Opti-Clean technology improves cleaning performance by up to 20 percent and will enhance the profitability of all farmers.”

The Opti-Fan system, standard on both the CX8080 and CX8090 models, compensates for the impact of up and downhill slopes on harvesting performance. The operator sets the fan speed on level ground and the system automatically adjusts it when the harvester goes up or downhill. 

When travelling on upward slopes, the speed is reduced to ensure the material does not travel too quickly over the sieves causing losses; when tackling downhill gradients, it increases the speed to prevent thick build-ups. This efficient system provides a better grain sample and reduced losses.

The Opti-Clean system is also standard, and improves cleaning performance by up to 20 percent. It optimizes the stroke and throwing angles in the cleaning system for enhanced cleaning efficiency.

The grain pan, pre and top sieves operate independently to optimize the cascade for increased capacity, and the longer sieve stroke and steep throwing angle keep more material airborne for enhanced separation. This system has also been engineered to increase operator comfort and reduce overall machine vibration.