Massey Ferguson is pleased to unveil the ‘Next Generation’ of axial combines and a new series of high horsepower tractors.

Simply put, the all-new Massey Ferguson 9500 Series Combines are the most productive and efficient combines ever offered from Massey Ferguson — providing greater power and capacity — designed to perform in even the most adverse crop conditions.

The 9500 Series combines are powered by new AGCO Power engines and offer exclusive advancements such as the new Trident processor, exclusive V-Cool system, redesigned cleaning system and more.

The Massey Ferguson 9500 Series exhibits exceptional fuel efficiency without compromising power or torque ratings. This is made possible by AGCO Power diesel engines that feature AGCO’s exclusive e3 Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) clean-air technology to meet Tier 4 interim (Tier 4i) emission compliance standards.

With SCR technology, the exhaust reduction process takes place outside of the engine after combustion — allowing the engine to operate at a cooler temperature — so as to not diminish engine performance or fuel efficiency.

The Massey Ferguson 9500 Series features three all-new models.

With a six-cylinder 8.4 liter engine, the MF9520 is rated at 313 hp with up to 344 hp power bulge at 1,950 rpm.

The MF9540 and MF9560 offer an all-new 9.8 liter, seven-cylinder engine positioned inline with the axial rotor for maximum driveline efficiency.

The MF9540 with 370 hp at 2,100 rpm delivers a power bulge up to 426 hp at 1,950 rpm; and the model 9560 with 460 hp at 2,100 rpm provides a power bulge at 2,000 rpm that climbs to 477 hp and an unloading boost up to 502 hp.

The MF9540 and MF9560 models also feature the industry-exclusive V-Cool system. This setup positions the engine radiator, hydraulic cooling system and air-to-air intercooler in a V-shaped design below a hydraulically driven variable-speed fan which operates at the optimum speed according to temperature demand.

The unique design eliminates the need to “stack” cooling elements, thereby creating a more efficient system with less chance of blockage.

The V-Cool system even includes a “purge” cycle that reverses the fan as needed to clear the air intake of chaff and other debris.

This process is controlled by temperature sensors which verify air flow through the cooling system. When airflow decreases despite increased fan rpm, the system will reverse the fan to blow dirt and chaff away, cleaning the intake screen so airflow is not obstructed and the engine maintains optimal temperature.

The V-Cool “purge” cycle is triggered four different ways: detection of airflow restriction; engine speed reduced below 1800 rpm; manual control; and automatic cleaning at 15-minute intervals.

At the heart of the MF9540 and MF9560 models is the all-new Trident processor featuring a segmented-rotor design versus a straight-bar design to efficiently yet gently handle today’s heavier, tougher crop material.

The mechanically driven rotor uses a combination of threshing elements and separation paddles arranged in a helical configuration.