During the three-year process of creating the S8 Super Series combines, the goal has been to redesign each vital function of the combine for greatest simplicity and efficiency, thus focusing the combine’s power on threshing and separating the grain.

To that end, the S8 has simpler, straight-through shafts and no power-robbing, 90-degree gearboxes or CVT drives found on other combines. Its transverse-mounted rotor and processor are 30-by-90 inches, providing 48 percent more throughput area than previous models and 360 degrees of threshing and separating area.

Unique four-section, 17-bar concave and wider-spaced helical bars deliver increased capacity, and the end result is gentler threshing.

Because grain also is in the separator a shorter period of time, Gleaner delivers unmatched grain quality. Finally, the processor is designed to harvest multiple crop types and in varying conditions with minimal changes to the machine.

To optimize capacity and throughput, the front conveyor chain has been configured to release crop to the rear conveyor faster, where 50 percent increased torque on the rear chain’s drive system helps pull the crop into the processor for quicker feeding.

The clean-grain elevator has 30 percent more capacity and moves grain away from the shoe more quickly. With a larger, deeper grain auger trough, below-centerline cross auger and heavier paddles, the redesigned clean-grain auger is efficient, yet gentle on the grain.

In addition, Gleaner’s SmartCooling system with reversing variable-pitch fan not only eliminates the need to clean radiators, coolers and rotary screen, it keeps the engine compartment clean and the engine cool with as much as 66 percent less horsepower.

Finally, the 2014 S8 models will incorporate the smaller drum straw chopper introduced on 2013 S7 models for reduced horsepower requirements as well as a higher speed feature for better residue chop. Gleaner’s straw chopper requires less horsepower (up to 40 HP) to operate compared to competitive full-width choppers, yet easily spreads crop residue the full width of the header.

“Today, what you get from the new Gleaner S8 Super Series combines is the lightest, most durable Class 6 to 8 combines anywhere,” Bien explains. “These combines maximize your productivity and reduce overall operating inputs, from fuel to downtime, compared to the heavier power-consuming combine designs of competitors. We’re proving that elements such as low weight and durability are not always mutually exclusive.

“You can have a combine that’s smaller and lighter and still has more threshing and separating area than any other machine. We know because we’ve built it,” he adds.

The newest Gleaner combine will be on display at fall farm shows beginning with the 2013 Farm Progress Show in Decatur, Ill., where it will be on the AGCO lot, off Central between Second and Third Streets.

The combine also will be working in the field during harvesting demonstrations.