Seventy-three U.S. House representatives sent a letter to President Barack Obama and asked him to work with Congress to address the current propane market supply issue causing shortages across the United States.

"Several factors are contributing to the current price increases and supply shortages, including a large, wet harvest, unseasonably cold weather, and transport disruptions. With extremely cold weather conditions likely to persist, many of our constituents are on the verge of a potentially dangerous situation with few options. Any further reduction in supply threatens to leave many Americans without the fuel necessary to heat homes, businesses, and livestock and poultry operations,” the letter says.

It continues, "We understand the current propane market supply issue causing shortages in many regions of the country is a complex situation with a number of contributing factors which cannot be ignored...We are prepared to help find responsible solutions...Given the importance of this situation to consumers, we urge you to do everything in your power to address this problem without delay."

"For many families, farms and producers in Georgia, maintaining open access to sufficient propane resources is critical for success," said Georgia Congressman Sanford Bishop. "For example, poultry farmers in Georgia need propane to warm their chicken houses. When resources deplete, costs rise for the producer and in turn increases the price of chicken in our restaurants and grocery stores. Working to address the propane shortage is not just good for everyday Georgians but also just plain common sense."