Baucom says the final patents were received recently, so the mobile soil sampler is now patented from front to back.

Still to come is a sophisticated electronic system that will add to the many features already available with the Falcon.

“This machine was built from the ground up with the farmer in mind, and we’ve tried to include every possible feature that will help farmers improve the soil sampling process and hopefully make better crop management decisions,” he adds.

Right now, two fully workable models of the machine are in operation.

One is dedicated to Baucom’s 6.000-plus acre farming operation. The other has been in operation in New York, Illinois and the Dakotas.

“We want to get as much production data as we can from actual farming operations.

“We feel confident, based on our farming operation, we covered everything a grower might run across in our part of the country, but we want to be sure we don’t miss any unusual soil types or production characteristics that are common in other parts of the country,” he says.