In 2009, one variety — DP555BR — dominated Georgia cotton acreage.

DP555BR accounted for over 82 percent of Georgia cotton acreage that year. This was the last year of its full availability. The EPA registration for single-gene Bt technology expired with the 2009 crop.

In 2010, single-gene Bt technology was available only in limited quantities and then fully unavailable beginning in 2011.

Since the loss of DP555BR, no single variety has been that dominate in Georgia acreage. Acreage has shifted to two-gene (B2 and W) varieties, specifically newer Deltapine (DP) varieties and Phytogen (PHY) varieties.

Last season, PHY499WRF accounted for almost one-third of Georgia acreage. This year, 499 accounted for about 20 percent.

DP1252B2RF increased from 13 percent of acreage last year to over 20 percent of acreage this year and was the most-planted variety in the state — slightly ahead of DP1050B2RF.

DP1252, 1050, and PHY499 had about equal proportions of Georgia’s acreage this season and  percent of acres.

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