Agricenter International is adding a new wrinkle to the way it teaches city school children about agriculture. It’s bringing a cotton farm into the classroom, with the help of video streaming.

Agricenter, an urban research farm and education center in Memphis, Tenn., and Cotton Incorporated are teaming up on the pilot project, with the goal of exponentially increasing the number of children Agricenter can educate about cotton and other crops.

Agricenter educator Tim Roberts, who works for the University of Tennessee, says the project is so new that it officially doesn’t even have a name yet. It’s perfect for Agricenter, whose goal is to be an outdoor classroom for Memphis and the Mid-South. Its mission is to provide education and awareness in agriculture, forestry and natural resources to the general public. Its educational services are free to the general public.

Agricenter, which produces cotton, corn and soybeans and various research crops, will continue its tradition of busing between 5,000 and 6,000 Memphis area students to the farm each year, according to Roberts. But the video streaming project has the potential to teach many more. In fact, it’s limited only by the reach of the Internet.

Cotton Incorporated is providing services and equipment, including two video cameras and a ruggedized laptop, while Agricenter is providing data, content and staff time. The company providing the video streaming is I-Link Live.

Here’s how the project would work