Workshops will offer three hours of pesticide applicator credit for the following categories: Private Specialty Training (X), Dealers (D), Regulatory (I), Ornamental/Turf (L), Ag Pest Plant (O), and Demonstration and Research (N). North Carolina Cooperative Extension and the North Carolina Farm Bureau Safety Team are collaborating to present these workshops.
What should you expect during a train-the-trainer workshop?

Instructors will provide an overview of the Toolkit materials and the development process that involved both trainers and farmworkers. They will demonstrate training techniques using the Toolkit flipchart and handouts and engage participants in the Toolkits’ hands-on activities.

Trainees will work in small groups to practice delivering the Toolkit training, using the crop that is most relevant for them. Opportunities for local collaboration and tips for working with interpreters will also be discussed.

The Toolkit has been enthusiastically received across the state. “I am delighted to feature the Toolkit as part of the North Carolina Private Applicator Recertification Training Program,” said Wayne Buhler, horticulture specialist, North Carolina State University. North Carolina Farm Bureau Safety Team Leader Ronald Hawkins said he has Toolkits for a variety of crops available in the NCFB safety education lending library.

This will be the last opportunity in 2012 for intensive workshops for the Pesticides and Farmworker Health Toolkit.

In addition to growers and landscapers, anyone who trains Spanish-speaking workers —Extension agents, state agency personnel, migrant and community health center outreach workers, migrant education program or migrant head start staff — is invited to attend a workshop and build local relationships with growers and others.

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County Farm Bureaus, CommWell Health community health center and the North Carolina Growers Association are among the local sponsors supporting these workshops. They will provide meals, interpreters and other extras to make the workshops successful.