“Members have provided examples almost too many to count. They try — really try — to recruit local workers. Either no one applies or those who do start the job quickly, for whatever reason, don’t last long. Sometimes they’ll only last  hours or a day, or two.”

The Supreme Court Arizona ruling and how it will affect the Southwest produce industry…

“It’s been interesting to see the fallout and analysis following the Arizona decision. You really see opinions all over the place. People are saying it’s a real victory for the federal government and (Obama) administration. Others say it’s really a victory for Arizona.

“I think the ramifications for the produce industry will largely come down to how it affects what Congress does next. Obviously, immigration policy is always a significant issue and we’re in an election year so the issue is even higher profile. People have intense feelings on any side of the issue.

“The fallout for the produce industry is still unfolding, evolving.”

The Senate farm bill’s approach to produce…

“We’re pretty pleased and appreciative of what the Senate did with respect to produce policy. They took a look at some of our key priorities like pest and disease management, block grants and research.

“We feel they did try to maintain the commitments and investments made in the 2008 farm bill, including trade and nutrition policy.