Monsanto will feature their DeKalb corn varieties. Pioneer will have popular corn varieties, often used by high-yield winners, on display. Syngenta will have their Norfolk King corn hybrids developed for the Southeast. WinField will showcase its Croplan corn and soybean varieties bred for the Southeast.

Fertilizer tests are being conducted on corn and most other crops being grown at the Expo. Maximizing plant nutrients use is always a top priority for growers who want the most from their variety choices.

Cotton will feature the top performing varieties based on annual official variety tests across the Southeast and representatives from the various companies that provide cotton seed and cotton technology will be on hand during the field day.

Bayer with FiberMax and Stoneville varieties will show old and new Liberty technology.

The Expo Farm is a part of Monsanto/Deltapine’s New Product Evaluator program and the same varieties being grown by 200 or so farmers across the cotton-belt will be shown during the field day.

Americot has developed new varieties that have performed well in OVT testing in the Southeast. The company is making a push to increase market-share in the Southeast. Several of their new varieties will be on display at the field day.

Dow’s Phytogen brand cotton has made a big push in the Southeast in recent years and several of the Phytogen varieties will be shown at the field day.

The Expo farm has several large-plot soybean OVT variety trials each year. Chafin says Monsanto and their AsGrow brand soybean seeds will be planted and company representatives will discuss production of soybeans in the Southeast.

Pioneer will have some of their soybean varieties in the test program at the Expo Farm. The company’s Y series of soybean varieties have shown promise in recent years for enhanced pest resistance and adaptability to a number of yield-limiting factors common in the Southeast.

DeWitt, an Arkansas-based company now with Bayer, will have soybean varieties there.

 “The field day is for farmers and for those interested in what is available to help make Southeast agriculture more profitable and efficient, and that is what we strive to do with the field day: make it profitable and efficient for those who attend,” said Chafin. “Come with your questions and leave with answers you can use on your farm.”