Partnerships between U.S. seafood producers and U.S. soybean farmers continue to produce results as both seek ways to improve the U.S. aquaculture sector as a sustainable source of nutritious finfish and shellfish.

The United Soybean Board (USB), which administers U.S. soybean farmers’ checkoff investments, along with state soybean checkoff boards fund projects to benefit domestic aquaculture producers. Most of these projects fall into one of two categories:

1.) Research to enhance aquaculture production, including:

• Researching new soybean traits that to improve soybean meal characteristics for aquaculture diets.

• Upgrading the efficiency of aquaculture production through the use of best practices and standard operating procedures at critical control points.

2.) Working through the National Aquaculture Association, the checkoff helps to promote U.S. aquaculture’s health, economic and environmental benefits, including:

• Educating consumers, the food industry and health care professionals on these benefits.

• Conducting workshops to teach farmers how to improve product marketing and help shape public perception at the local level.

• Maintaining a website to serve as a central source for aquaculture information.

• Earning positive media coverage of the U.S. aquaculture sector.