The weather is turning seasonally dry in Tennessee as some concerns are being expressed in major cotton and soybean areas about proper development.

However, for the week ending Aug. 26, topsoil moisture supplies were rated 57 percent adequate or surplus, a level much better than the 29 percent five year average and last year’s 44 percent.

A good general rain throughout the state is needed to maintain or improve the cotton and soybean crops from their current standing of fair-to-good condition.

The corn for grain harvest picked-up momentum last week and was proceeding at a pace just shy of two weeks ahead of normal.

Pastures look good, but armyworms are reported to be a problem.

Topping tobacco is about complete and harvest lags slightly behind schedule.

Topsoil moisture levels were rated 11 percent very short, 32 percent short, 55 percent adequate and 2 percent surplus. Subsoil moisture levels were rated 18 percent very short, 39 percent short, 42 percent adequate and 1 percent surplus. Temperatures and precipitation averaged below normal across the state.

County agent comments

“Corn harvest is in full swing. Having some trouble moving grain at elevators due to Mississippi River being so low.”

Tim Campbell, Dyer County

“Corn harvest is well under way with most farmers at over 50 percent completion. For soybeans and cotton, once again, we are in need of much needed rain. Some of our beans are maturing and will not have complete pod fill for lack of rain. Cotton is looking good for the most part with several fields opening.