Several studies are being initiated that will analyze the economic impact that transportation has on the economy and on the cost competitiveness of U.S. soybeans.

The Soy Transportation Coalition (STC) and the United Soybean Board (USB) are conducting a "Farm to Market" analysis to study transportation of U.S. soybeans, soybean products, and other agricultural commodities from U.S. farms to their destination markets.

The project seeks to provide a greater understanding of the impact transportation has on profitability and competitiveness, develop a more precise understanding of how U.S. soybeans and other leading agricultural products are transported to customers, and the obstacles and challenges to efficiency and profitability that U.S. transportation may present.

The analysis will look specifically at current and future U.S. production, where this production occurs, where it will be consumed, the extent to which the U.S. transportation system is equipped to accommodate supply and demand for agricultural products, the infrastructure enhancements being made by international competitors, and the impact on U.S. agriculture if transportation improvements in the U.S. are not made.

This study is scheduled to be completed by Dec. 30, 2011.