Did you know one of the largest livestock operations in Mexico, PROAN, feeds 100 percent U.S. soybean meal to its 18 million hens, 6,000 dairy cattle and more than 20,000 sows each year?

And 10 soybean farmers get to tour this state-of-the-art facility annually, thanks to the soybean checkoff.

This is just one of the stops on the agenda of U.S. soybean farmers participating in the United Soybean Board’s (USB’s) and soybean checkoff’s See for Yourself program. Now other soybean farmers have the same opportunity to see checkoff-funded programs in action — for free — as this year’s See for Yourself (SFY) session opens for applications.

“The program allows farmer-participants to see their checkoff dollars at work and meet their end users,” says checkoff farmer-leader Rick Stern, a soybean farmer from Cream Ridge, N.J. “It is an eye-opening experience for farmers to see the various ways their soybeans are being used both domestically and abroad.”

USB is inviting any soybean farmer interested in learning about checkoff programs in the U.S. and Mexico to apply to participate in the fourth year of SFY, which will run July 25-30, 2011. Participants will do everything from learning about biodiesel uses in St. Louis, where the USB is based, to touring one of the largest animal operations in Mexico, the second-largest international customer for U.S. soybeans.