Due to imminent personnel changes in the University of Kentucky Soybean Cyst Nematode Laboratory, SCN analysis services will be suspended, indefinitely, effective Jan. 1, 2014

Services may resume at a later late, but this has yet to be determined. In the meantime, all Kentucky growers who desire to have soil tested for SCN are encouraged to use the services of the University of Missouri Plant Nematology Laboratory.  

They are accustomed to receiving out-of-state soil samples, and they are very easy to work with.

The cost per sample for an SCN egg count is $15. That lab also offers HG (race) testing services, if needed, for an additional fee.

Note:  Samples received by the UK SCN Laboratory after Jan. 1, will be returned to sender and will not be processes; no exceptions can be made. Please pass this information on to anyone who might be impacted by this decision.

Below is the website for the University of Missouri Plant Nematology Laboratory. Please note it will be necessary to use their sample submission form, which is available via a link on the laboratory’s website.

The website is http://soilplantlab.missouri.edu/nematode/.