The latest U.S. soybean farmer survey, conducted by the United Soybean Board (USB) and the soybean checkoff, found a majority of the farmer respondents recognize protein and oil content as important components in the crop they grow.

Nearly 90 percent of soybean farmers agree that protein and oil are important when growing soybeans. But only a little more than half recognize that these quality measurements impact the price per bushel they receive for their soybeans.

“It is critical that all U.S. soybean farmers understand and address the needs of the real end-use customers for U.S. soy,” says Russ Carpenter, soybean farmer from Trumansburg, N.Y., and chair of the USB Communications Program. “We sell most of our soybeans for use as feed by poultry, pork and other animal protein producers, and we need to be able to meet those customers’ needs, providing them with quality U.S. soybeans.”

The latest biannual survey also covered topics influencing soybean farmer profitability, such as the soybean marketplace and outside pressures. Highlights from these findings were:

• Seventy one percent of farmer-respondents were supportive of the soybean checkoff and its programs.

• Eighty eight percent of respondents felt the soybean market constantly expands and are confident in their ability to sell all the soybeans they produce.

• Eighty four percent recognized that outside influencers, including government regulations, environmental challenges, transportation and other key issues, threaten their profitability.