The soybean checkoff and American Farm Bureau Federation have partnered on a joint Internet Facebook page to promote national Food Check-Out Week, Feb. 20-26.

The week recognizes and celebrates the commitment of America’s farmers and ranchers to producing safe, healthy and abundant food. The week’s official theme is “Stretching Your Grocery Dollar with Healthy, Nutritious Food,” in recognition of the current economic conditions.

During Food Check-Out Week, AFBF has committed to donate $1 to Ronald McDonald House Charities of southwest Virginia for every person who “likes” the Facebook page, up to $3,500.

By lending support to this important cause, the soybean checkoff will help demonstrate that America’s soybean farmers remain committed to producing a safe, healthy, abundant and affordable supply of soy, used as a leading protein source to produce such things as nutritious meat and healthy cooking oil.

Food Check-Out Week allows U.S. soybean farmers the opportunity to share with consumers that both groups face similar issues — providing nutritious meals while sticking to a tight budget.

United Soybean Board farmer-director Keith Dunn, a soybean farmer from Yale, Va., said the partnership represents an important link educating consumers on the importance of U.S. animal agriculture and the role of America’s farmers in providing other safe and nutritious foods.