The American Soybean Association (ASA), the United Soybean Board (USB), and the U.S. Soybean Export Council (USSEC) are sponsoring and organizing the 2011 International Ag Biotechnology & Food Security Conference June 21-22, at the Great Wall Sheraton Hotel in Beijing, China.

The conference is produced on behalf of ASA, USB, and USSEC by Soyatech.

Over these two days, a roster of speakers, which includes farmers, scientists, technology providers, exporters, and government officials from the United States, China, Brazil, Canada, and Europe, will provide a global perspective on trade and biotechnology; outline biotechnology developments, use and acceptance; and define the role biotechnology plays as it relates to sustainability, food safety and the world economy.

Perspective will also be offered on efforts to enhance biotechnology acceptance worldwide, and on the importance of timely and well-functioning import approval systems for biotechnology in China and other world markets.

"Our organizations and the farmers we represent are dedicated to providing sustainable nutrition through the power of soy," said ASA President Alan Kemper, a soybean farmer from Lafayette, Ind.

"Our presenters at this conference include farmers, scientists, seed genetic and technology firms, and government officials responsible for biotechnology and trade. Each is eager to discuss the key issues that are part of this conference."

Some of the topics on the agenda include: Exploring the global pipeline for new biotech traits; Assessing the potential for ag biotechnology to contribute to food security, sustainability and nutrition around the world; Providing the scientific basis for consumer acceptance of foods produced with the aid of biotechnology; and Encouraging an expedited, more efficient process for biotechnology approvals worldwide.

"This event is being held in China, a country that places a high value on soybeans and soy products," Kemper said.