Georgia tobacco growers now have a new way to show pride in their product courtesy of the Georgia Tobacco Commission (GTC).

It comes in the form of 4-inch by 4-inch labels that feature the Georgia Grown logo and a golden tobacco leaf. They are free to growers, who can get the labels from the GTC or from their county Extension agent.

University of Georgia Tobacco Agronomist J. Michael Moore said the commission came up with the idea for the stickers after hearing in February from Georgia Agriculture Commissioner Gary Black, who encouraged the commission to get involved with the Georgia Grown program. 

"The hope is that not only is the grower showing some pride in the product he is producing and presenting for sale, but that the buyers also begin to associate Georgia Grown with quality tobacco," Moore said.

"When it goes to the processing plants in North Carolina and Virginia perhaps there will be customers from other countries coming through that will also see those bales and bale stickers in the racks waiting to be processed and they'll say, 'That's great-looking tobacco. That has the quality we're looking for. Make sure our tobacco is coming from Georgia.'"

Moore said the commission placed an initial order for 5,000 stickers and anticipated that two more orders would be placed.

"Going into next season we'll have a better idea who wants how many and we'll be prepared at the beginning of the season," Moore said. 

To see the stickers and photos of bales with the stickers on them, visit this page.

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