Kudzu bug eggs have been found, with accompanying adults, on volunteer soybeans in Pamlico County.

We have had at least one report in the Coastal Plain, of a kudzu bug infestation on a managed field that was planted this year. Judging from the photos, the beans were at the V2-V3 stage.

The Georgia and South Carolina experience has been that this generation of kudzu bug will develop on legumes, primarily kudzu, before moving into soybeans. However, they have also turned up on volunteer soybeans in Georgia and South Carolina.

This fits the hypothesis that these insects prefer the earliest planted soybeans.

They may be targeting a certain developmental stage of the soybeans, as volunteer soybeans are much more developed than our soybean seedlings from timely plantings.

The advice from Georgia is to rogue volunteer plants so they don’t build up and move into soybean fields.