Based on the development of kudzu bugs on kudzu and in some cases on early planted soybeans, the first field generation of adults should now be moving into soybeans, with kudzu bugs showing up both in greater numbers and in soybean acreage not previously infested.

We expect this adult migration into soybeans to increase during at least the next 2 to 3 weeks.

The presence of adults and all nymphal stages on kudzu at this time suggests that adult flights into soybeans could take place over an even longer period than suggested above.

In prioritizing soybean fields for scouting, expect earlier planted soybean fields to harbor higher numbers of kudzu bugs.

The suggested treatment threshold for kudzu bugs is 15 nymphs per 15 sweeps averaged over 6 to 8 locations at least 50 feet in from field edges. This means that wise producers must put up with what appear to be high levels of kudzu bug adults before spraying based on nymph levels.

A foliar spray directed against nymphal stage kudzu bugs offers growers their best odds of both maintaining yields and avoiding unneeded multiple applications for this new pest.

Unneeded multiple applications for kudzu bugs also increase the probability of a subsequent establishment of various caterpillar pests such as podworms, tobacco budworms, loopers and armyworms.