The Farm Service Agency will begin accepting requests for marketing assistance loans and loan deficiency payments for eligible 2014 commodities.

MALs and LDPs for the 2014 crop year become available to eligible producers beginning with harvest/shearing season and extending through a specific commodity’s final loan availability date.

MALs provide producers interim financing after harvest to help them meet cash flow needs without having to sell their commodities when market prices are typically at harvest-time lows, allowing farmers to store their products at harvest facilitates a more orderly marketing of commodities throughout the year. A producer who is eligible to obtain a loan, but agrees to forgo the loan, may obtain an LDP if such a payment is available.

Marketing loan provisions and LDPs are not available for sugar and extra-long staple cotton.

The 2014 Farm Bill also establishes payment limitations per individual or entity not to exceed $125,000 annually on certain commodities for the following program benefits:

  • Price loss coverage payments.
  • Agriculture risk coverage payments.
  • Marketing loan gains and LDPs.

These payment limitations do not apply to MAL loan disbursements.

Adjusted Gross Income provisions were modified by the new farm bill, which states that a producer whose total applicable three-year average AGI exceeds $900,000 is not eligible to receive an MLG or LDP.

The 2014 crop loan rates are:

  • Wheat - $2.94 per bushel
  • Corn - $1.95 per bushel
  • Sorghum - $1.95 per bushel
  • Barley - $1.95 per bushel
  • Oats – $1.39 per bushel
  • Soybean - $5 per bushel
  • Peanuts - $355 per ton