North Carolina’s leading farm groups have joined forces in a new organization, the North Carolina Animal Agriculture Coalition (NCAAC), to lead the public discussion about changes on the state’s livestock farms over the last several decades and how those changes benefit the animals, environment, consumers, and North Carolina communities. The North Carolina Soybean Producers Association(NCSPA) is a founding member of NCAAC, along with the North Carolina Cattlemen’s Association, North Carolina Farm Bureau, North Carolina Pork Council and North Carolina Poultry Federation.

NCAAC’s mission is to increase public awareness and support for livestock farmers and responsible animal agriculture in North Carolina through public education, media outreach, stakeholder engagement, and collaborative, positive communication efforts.

NCSPA has worked to promote the efforts of livestock farmers - the number one customer for soybean meal. As consumers become increasingly interested in how their food is produced, it is vital that producers seek new avenues to build relationships and help educate them about their commitment to producing safe and wholesome food.

Learn more about the coalition on its website at Farmers are encouraged to engage on these issues directly in their community and in the public discussion about today’s farms and food – NCAAC will provide the tools and resources to support that effort.