Scouting a few area corn fields, every time I came to one planted to a particular hybrid, I could find what I call “buggywhip.”

A little later in the week, a farmer called and said he must have some “off-type” corn seed. He was seeing the yellow flagging in the field that is a characteristic of this. I was prepared to let this issue rest until we got into another period of cold wet weather. I expect a few more calls in the near future.

For supporting literature, I refer you to Dr. Corn himself, Bob Nielsen at Purdue University. “The curious phenomenon often referred to as the ‘twisted whorl syndrome’ often occurs when young corn shifts quickly from weeks of slow development (cool, cloudy weather) to rapid development (warm, sunny weather).”

I was 4 for 4 finding this in fields I knew planted to this hybrid. I suspect others in our area will be finding this with the current round of cool temps, and the warming trend.

One of our seed company agronomists said they most often see it in their fastest growing hybrids. It seems that all we are growing are these “racehorse” hybrids now, so I think some of the other hybrids will probably show this also.