Planting intentions show more corn, soybeans and wheat will be planted in Kentucky for the 2011 crop season.

Strong crop prices are encouraging farmers to plant more row crops.

Burley tobacco acreage is expected to be down, and acreage harvested for hay is expected to be below the 2010 level. The Intentions Survey represents acreage farmers intend to plant and/or harvest as of March 1.

Winter wheat was seeded in the fall of 2010. Farmers intend to plant 1.4 million acres of corn, up 60,000 acres from 2010. If realized, this would be the largest acreage planted since 2007.

Soybean acreage is expected to total 1.48 million acres, up 80,000 acres from the previous year and the largest acreage since 1984.

Burley tobacco growers intend to set 67,000 acres for harvest, down 5,000 acres from 2010. Producers intend to set 9,500 acres of dark-fired tobacco, up 700 acres from the previous year. Acreage set to dark-air tobacco was estimated at 4,200 acres, down 200 acres from 2010.

Winter wheat seeded in the fall of 2010 totaled 540,000 acres, up 38 percent from the 390,000 acres planted in 2009.

Farmers intend to harvest 2.45 million acres of all hay, down 80,000 acres from 2010.