A week after the Senate Agriculture Committee completed its work on the farm bill, the National Corn Growers Association and more than 120 agricultural and other organizations sent a letter to Majority Leader Harry Reid and Republican Leader Mitch McConnell.

The letter advocated for floor consideration of the legislation as soon as possible to enhance prospects of completing the process this year instead of having to extend current programs.

“This is one piece of legislation upon which all Americans depend, urban as well as rural,” the letter stated.

“With limited time remaining before expiration of current program authorities, time is of the essence. While each of our respective organizations will continue to work to accomplish our key priorities, the farm bill must move forward. We urge your leadership in allowing the Senate to consider this legislation as soon as possible.”

The Senate Agriculture Committee legislation reduces spending by $23 billion while maintaining a risk management program for farmers. The bill was passed out of committee by a 16-5 vote.

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