Improved levels of emissions, fuel efficiency, horsepower and productivity are a just a few advantages custom applicators will experience with the new three-wheel chassis TerraGator TG7300 and TG8300 and four-wheel chassis TG8400.

All 2012 models meet emission standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and feature an AGCO Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) and Tier 4 interim-compliant AGCO POWER 8.4-liter diesel engine with e3 selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology.

Reports indicate the new TerraGator offers fuel advantages of up to 2 gallons-per-hour over its highly efficient predecessor, which was built with a CVT and exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) engine. The three new TerraGator models also have the potential to burn 17 percent less fuel compared with non-SCR engines.

A new paint scheme and decals are just the beginning of the changes found with the new TerraGator. In addition to the AGCO POWER engine with SCR technology, additional modifications have been made to improve the machine’s productivity levels.

Application System hydraulic system changes provide maximum output flow at lower RPMs on the 1,800-gallon liquid, Airmax Precision, Airmax Precision 2, Air Spreader and SOILSELECTION Twin Bin systems. The optional pressure washer/storage cabinet is enlarged to provide additional storage capacity.

The TerraGator Management System (TMS) is the "intelligent" link between the engine and transmission that sustains peak performance. After the operator selects a specific ground speed, the TMS works in tandem with the engine and transmission to find and maintain the optimum setting of power and fuel efficiency for that speed.

Efficiency of RPMs

In the new models, the TMS software has been enhanced so the operator now can set the lower limits of the engine RPMs. By doing so, the TMS ensures that engine RPMs do not drop lower than the minimum RPMs that are required to keep the application systems running at their most efficient levels.

Several highly valuable features introduced in previous three-wheel TerraGators are now debuting in the four-wheel TerraGator TG8400.

Complementing the powerful and efficient AGCO POWER Tier 4 interim engine is the industry-leading AGCO CVT, which provides firm traction to the ground and an infinite range of speed from creep to transport without the shifting, jerking and delays often found with manual transmissions. Operated by a foot pedal or joystick, a simple push and pull of the control commands a seamless forward and reverse action.

Operators will appreciate the ease of operation and smooth acceleration that a CVT offers over a manual transmission. Designed with fewer moving parts, the overall design of the AGCO CVT delivers a longer lifespan, lower maintenance costs, higher resale value and better fuel efficiency.

The wheel base of the TG8400 has been expanded over other TerraGator models by 15.5 inches to improve weight distribution and provide a better operating experience. The redesigned front fender provides more clearance between the fender and the wheel assembly, which offers additional suspension travel and minimizes mud and debris buildup around the tires.

The leaf-spring suspension with riser blocks in the TG8400 also allows for maximum payload carrying capabilities.

The AGCO brand name for SCR technology is e3 (energy, economy, ecology). SCR is a clean-air technology post-combustion process that doesn’t interfere with the engine’s ability to provide power.

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