The Georgia Department of Agriculture is now accepting nominations to fill three positions on the Georgia Cotton Commission’s board of directors of members’ whose terms are expiring.

The terms are for three years and if appointed, members must be willing to attend several board meetings per year; they will be reimbursed for mileage, meals and paid a per-diem, when on Commission business.

Please note that the procedures for nominating a producer have changed.

Nominations can be submitted by filling out a Nominee Information Form available at your local FSA office.

It is required that each nominee is an active Georgia cotton producer and the nominations will be certified to ensure that this requirement is met.

Appointments to the Georgia Cotton Commission’s board will be made on Aug. 8, 2011, by the ex-officio committee who will also consider geographic representation when making the appointments.

The deadline for submitting nominations to the Georgia Department of Agriculture is July 27, 2011.

Submit the nomination form and certification or via fax: 404-656-9380

Please direct questions to Marcia Crowley at 404-656-3678.