A survey by the Alabama Agricultural Statistics Service shows the state's cotton harvest will be up, and corn yields will be lower.

An Oct. 1 survey of state farmers predicts the Alabama cotton crop at 670,000 bales, up 30,000 bales from last month and 190,000 bales from a year ago.

The acres of cotton planted are estimated at 460,000 acres, 35 percent above last year. Of that, 440,000 acres are expected to be harvested, up 30 percent from 2010. Yields are forecast at 731 pounds per acre, up 49 pounds from last year.

Officials estimate 270,000 acres of corn were planted in Alabama this year, unchanged from the September estimate and last year. Corn production is forecast at 25.68 million bushels, down 3.32 million bushels from a year ago. Yield per acre, at 107 bushels, is down 9 bushels from 2010.

An estimated 240,000 acres of corn are expected to be harvested, which is down 4 percent from last year and unchanged from the Sept. 1 estimate.

Soybean production is expected to total 8.7 million bushels, down 3 percent from last year’s production of 8.97 million bushels. Based on Oct. 1 conditions, yield is forecast at 30 bushels per acre, up 4 bushels from last year’s 26 bushels per acre yield.

State farmers planted 300,000 acres of soybeans this year, a decrease of 50,000 acres from 2010. Farmers are expected to harvest 290,000 acres, down 55,000 acres from 2010.

This year’s peanut crop is forecast at 467.6 million pounds, down 3 percent from 2010.

An average yield of 2,800 pounds per acre is expected from 167,000 harvested acres. That’s an increase of 200 pounds per acre from the previous forecast.