Tank mixes — the wild cards

• Is formulation more important than active ingredient? Yes it can be.

• Does the adjuvant recommended for each component differ? Yes it does.

• Do water pH, softness and hardness affect control and mixing properties? Yes, but hard to predict.

• Do stress and pest size affect control? Bigger and stressed plants increase antagonism.

• Is the timing of application for all pests really the same? No.

• Peanut injury, pest control, mixing and settling issues are all a part of “compatibility.”

Tank mixes — answering questions

• The “label is the law” but labels can be ambiguous when it comes to tank mixtures (wise for the company but a challenge for recommendations).

• Paraquat injury greater when mixed with residual herbicides (Dual products, Outlook).

• Grass control lower when paraquat is mixed with Basagran, although Basagran reduces injury; most other weeds no major impact.

• Don’t apply paraquat if you have a lot of thrips damage.

• Mixing paraquat and Orthene okay, mostly.

• Injury from Basagran greater when applied after Thimet or Phorate.

• Grass control by clethodim (various products) and Poast often reduced by Cobra, Ultra Blazer, and Storm (10 to 40 percent) but not as much by Cadre and even less so by 2,4-DB or residual herbicides (Dual products, Outlook)

• Mixing Dual or Dual Magnum with Storm, Cadre, Ultra Blazer and Cobra will increase injury 10 to 20 percent over these herbicides alone.

• Broadleaf weed control (Cadre, Pursuit, Ultra Blazer, Cobra, 2,4-DB) control is generally not affected by fungicides, insecticides, or other herbicides (up or down 10 percent).

• Grass control is generally lower when clethodim (various products) or Poast are applied with chlorothalonil products, Headline, and Abound more so than Provost, with tebuconazole (various products) least affected.

• Disease control generally not affected by insecticides or herbicides.

• Insect control generally not affected by fungicides or herbicides.

• Most plant growth regulators do not affect pesticide performance.

• Boron and Manganese products generally do not affect pest control, but pesticide and adjuvant can affect absorption of micronutrients (concern with boron toxicity).

• When multiple products are combined, adverse effects on pest control are usually not “overly interactive” (one component generally stands out if there is a problem)?

(It’s not easy timing tank-mix applications in peanuts, but good information on that subject can be found by clicking here).